At Niwasa Head Start we value parents as their child’s primary teacher and we provide pathways for parents to take an active role in their child’s development and education. Niwasa supports whole family growth and development by involving parents as much as possible in a variety of activities. As parents gain confidence, get new ideas, acquire skills, make friends, and talk about about their child’s development, they are empowered both to bring forth their own gifts and to gain a deeper understanding of their children. Parents have the opportunity to learn their traditional teachings with their children, gain confidence with parenting abilities through workshops, learn new skills such as making moccasins or planting a vegetable garden, and improve their knowledge of preparing nutritious meals.

Thoughts from Niwasa parents:

parent drum group

“Niwasa parent programs allow us to connect to pieces of our culture; instilling pride and culturally relevant community alongside our children. It enhances the preschool experience to a family experience, which is also culturally accurate. Encouraging parents to come together to learn, create and have fun allows for a team spirit when help is needed in the parent volunteer roles. My whole family has benefited from these programs offered to me as a parent.”

The Niwasa Head Start programs provided …

”a sense of family that will never be forgotten.”

potatoe race

“I loved getting to meet other parents that value learning our culture and languages and passing those things on to our kids. I made friends I still have today, many years later”

kelly drum circle

“Niwasa is a single word that means so much to me. Children, Family, Friends, Community, Home, Love, Fun, Learning, Comfort, +Drumming, Traditions, Culture, Craft and Support are some of the things that come to mind when I hear this single word. It is another place where we can gather, a safe place, to get together with our friends to be part of a community and feel accepted and welcomed, always. It is not just a pre-school for our children to learn and grow, but a place for our families to learn and grow.”